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TVWS for Border,  Perimeter and Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Border security is an important aspect for any country. In most borders, connectivity is lacking. Therefore, smart security using ICT is difficult or costly to implement. With TVWS, due to its long-range and good penetration advantages, connectivity at borders become possible and cost effective.

​Video surveillance

  • Protect restricted areas

  • Protect long coastal line

  • Monitor borders with jungle, Field / activity monitoring 

  • Perimeter intrusion detection

Infrastructure and asset monitoring are becoming more critical. There are opportunities to improve productivity, optimize resources, more efficient maintenance or simply tracking of critical infrastructures & assets.

  • ​Secure Communications Link

  • Reliable in tough environments

  • Highly cost efficient and economically viable

  • Field Monitoring

  • Long Range coverage and minimum maintenance


RELSEN is a unique, cost-effective and covert solution providing reliable solutions critical site infrastructure, border control, perimeter security, tunnel detection, gas and oil pipelines.

The system allows identifying, classifying and locating border crossings throughout a controlled area.
RELSEN is an event-driven system, it transmits information about the event including its location and classification when perimeter is approached by an object or any work begins near the protected object. The location accuracy is 1 to 10 meters.

A specially developed fiber-optic sensor is discreetly placed under the ground surface and allows monitoring and managing a seismic sensitive controlling strip and identifies movement of people, animals and vehicles of all kind.
The optical fiber is deployed in the close proximity to the monitoring object (e.g. a border or railway) in a depth of 50 - 100 cm. The semiconductor laser is pumped into an optical fiber and infrared energy at a wavelength of 1550 nm using pulses duration of 10 ns is sent through the fiber. Targeted information about seismic acoustic events occurring near the monitored site is transmitted back to a Monitoring Center.

RELSEN is detecting any activities that cause fluctuations in water and soil, taking place at a distance of up to 150 meters from the fiber optic cable along its entire length.
Upon detection of a targeted activity RELSEN generates and transmits alarm signal and event metadata to the Monitoring Center.


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