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Spektrum partners with some of the most innovative technology companies in their respective technology domains. 

It is our objective to provide our clients with state-of-the-art technologies for critical-, secure- and tactical communication networks on the one hand, and with leading intelligence support systems for government, law enforcement and military clients.


We are always looking for new, innovative products from leading technology companies looking to access new markets.



Our strategic partners either provide unique technologies, in-depth domain expertise, development resources, or sales channels in their respective locations.


The objective of strategic partnerships are to leverage the products, solutions and knowledge of each strategic partner through other partners and in diverse geographic areas, thus creating a global network of domain expertise, geographically distributed resources, and an extensive sales network across many regions.



Our Training partners provide in-depth domain expertise across a range of intelligence solutions and investigative techniques. 

Focussed in-depth product trainings, as well as imparting specialist knowledge in specific practice areas is key to successful operations.

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