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In our hyper-connected world, securing communication and data in motion is more important than ever. Our mission is to provide solutions that secure and protect our clients' communications wherever they are. We provide secure communication solutions for mobile and email that adhere to the highest security and privacy standards and protect users against eavesdropping and data loss. 

Spektrum offers a state-of-the-art secure mobile communication solution. The app works on both Android and IOS devices. 


The solution encrypts each voice call, video call, message and media file, such as images, video, audio recordings, contacts, locations and documents before sending them to the recipients. Only those, whose device have the right keys, can then decrypt and/or open the message or files, thus ensuring their security and accessibility. A dedicated private server, installed on the client`s site; acts as the dispatcher, only delivering the message or voice data without storing it. The solution performs the E2EE service for call and message sessions with the best of class double ratchet algorithm supporting multiple devices per user.


  • App-to-App HD Audio calls / Group calls

  • App-to-App HD Video calls (One-to-One)

  • App-to-App secure text messaging / group messaging

    • PIN Protection for Messages

    • Touch ID / Face ID Protection for Messages

    • Self-Destruct Messages

    • Certified Message Receipt

    • Message Validity Settings

    • Remote Deletion

    • Animated GIFs in Messages

    • Update of sent message content

  • Share Contacts, Documents, Images and Videos

  • Validate Live Images (Live Tag)

  • Share Audio Messages

  • Share Live Location (on demand and continuous)

  • Private Contents and Screenshot Protection

  • Image and PDF Editing, Markup and Document Signing

  • Multiple Devices Per User

  • Multiple Identities (Profiles) Per User

  • Local Storage Encryption with File Management

  • Daily Backup (incremental user/passphrase protected)

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