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MPU5 Digital Tactical Network Radio 

The MPU5 is a modular digital network radio. It provides voice, data, routing and numerous more capabilities all in one rugged mobile compute chassis. The MPU5 ties together all your critical data in real time - providing command and control throughout the entire battle space. Providing high speed data, video, voice and an on board Android computer system makes this the most scalable, advanced and efficient Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking radio in the world.


Integrated Antennas

The power of the Wave Relay® MANET integrated directly into an antenna extends the enterprise to the edge over large geographic areas.​

Integrated Sector Antennas enable the creation of fixed coverage over massive geographic areas. Cover all your assets on the ground with the power of the Wave Relay® MANET – from military bases and wildland firefighters to the border patrol and port/maritime security, the Integrated Antenna Series keeps you connected.

Mount Integrated Antennas in less than five minutes. Mounting brackets accommodate pole diameters up to 2 in. (Sector) and up to 3 in. (Directional) and use standard fasteners that require no specialized tools.


Radio-over-IP Gateways (RoIP Gateways)

Regardless of where technology is heading, the ability to integrate current day radio networks into IP systems is still a key requirement for the successful delivery of voice services. In a change to the traditional methodology, CISTECH develops hardware solutions to enable the rugged integration of radio systems without the need for servers, yet provides a bridging capability into the enterprise for strategic integration.

​The CISTECH RoIP gateway solutions allow users on smartphones to talk to tradition and MANET based radios, laptops, transmit voice over SATCOM, all without a server. Integrating with the Klas Telecom Tactical Radio Integration Kit puts all this capability in one easy to deploy, ruggedised, roll away case.


OI Ecosystem

Deployable voice solutions need to be flexible and modular, allowing for users to access required TalkGroups on whichever device they have. The Oi Ecosystem consists of software and hardware devices designed to provide push-to-talk voice technology in any environment. Whether stationed in an operations centre, deployed on a mobile phone or in the field with a push-to-talk radio, essential and time sensitive information needs to be accessible leaving users to focus on the mission at hand.

Not all users can have access to a radio handset, but they may require secure and time-sensitive communications. The Oi software clients (Contact, Dispatch and Console) transform your Windows PC or Android phone into a communications accessory, providing access to deployed or strategic networks as well as inter-agency radio networks with the push of a button. Oi can provide end-to-end AES-256 encryption between desktop, mobile and radio gateway devices, for total protection of voice communications across your network.


Mobile Ad-Hoc Communication Environment (MaCE)

MACE combines the key elements that you require to gain insight into all your operational elements, providing access to local and distributed networked elements. MACE provides voice, video, chat and situational awareness through a single pane of glass, simplifying command and control. 

Using the one application, users have access to multiple voice profiles with 20 TalkGroups in each, TalkGroup patching, video recording and restreaming, TalkGroup instant replay and recording PTZ camera control and more.

MACE provides a flexible dynamic interface for the visualisation, configuration, and control of operational aspects of your MANET network, all from within a single interface. MACE provides for a flexible docking interface that allows the user to arrange their workspace in any manner that suits them. 

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