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Open source intelligence (OSINT) is the collection and analysis of data gathered from open sources (publicly available information; PAI) to produce actionable intelligence. OSINT is primarily used in national security, law enforcement, and business intelligence functions and is of value to analysts who use non-sensitive intelligence in answering classified, unclassified, or proprietary intelligence requirements across several disciplines. Spektrum carries several OSINT solutions, ranging from digital footprint investigation, account discovery and misinformation detection to full-cycle OSINT platforms. to suit our client’s different requirements and needs.



Social media intelligence (SOCMINT) comprises the collective tools and solutions that allow organizations to analyze conversations, respond to synchronize social signals, and synthesize social data points into meaningful trends and analysis, based on the user's needs. Social media intelligence allows one to utilize intelligence gathering from social media sites, using non-intrusive means, from open social networks. Spektrum carries several SOCMINT solutions to suit our client’s different requirements and needs.



Darknet Intelligence (DARKINT) tools are developed to gather data and intelligence from various Darknets including but not limited to TOT network, ZeroNet, i2p, Telegram and Discord channels, Paste sites, Darknet marketplaces and many more, with the objective to identify criminal networks, actors, breached data, malicious software and much more. Spektrum offers a leading Darknet data Intelligence solution providing a simple user interface to access and investigate numerous Darknets and millions of darknet sites and posts.



Geo-Intelligence Solutions (GEO-INT) collect and reveals real-world insights about locations, individuals and organizations that are of interest to law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and other qualified organizations.  The unique capabilities of the Geo-Intelligence solution enables users to find anonymous threat actors by automatically analyzing location-based information, enabling production and dissemination of intelligence and the creation of investigative reports. Spektrum offers different types of geo-intelligence solutions to suit different client’s needs.

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Fusion Analytics Solutions are conceptualized to ingest and aggregate data from different disparate sources and sensors, including but not limited to OSINT/SOCMINT/DARKINT platforms, strategic monitoring systems such as SS7 and LI systems, and tactical systems and sensors such as IMSI Catchers and SatCom monitoring systems. Ingested data is analyzed according to various criteria and outcomes are presented to analysist in desired formats. Spektrum offers different fusion systems according to customer needs and requirements.n s suit our client’s different requirements and needs.




Malware is more than code. It's bad code in motion. When malware strikes, you need to quickly find, identify, and mitigate its effect. Malware and breached data tracing solutions speed up an analysts investigation, allowing to identify sources, actors and networks propagating malware and breach data, and to mitigate the effects. Spektrum offers different solutions to trace and monitor malware and to identify data breaches.



Tactical Monitoring Systems, developed for mobile and in-field use, are systems for monitoring and interception of voice and data communications, and to pinpoint a target’s precise location.

Spektrum offers various tactical monitoring systems including:

  • Various types of IMSI Catchers – Vehicle-, Maritime-, Airborne- and portable (backpack) systems, with at least 10 BTS and coverage of 5 or more frequency bands.

  • Off-the-Air (OTA) Interception systems for GSM mobile networks

  • Handheld Direction Finders

  • Wifi Interception systems

  • SatCom Interception systems




Mobile Forensic Analysis solutions are designed to analyze data obtained from mobile and other devices. Once a forensic extraction of a smartphone has been performed using established mobile forensic tools, the analysis solution reads the extracted data, performs an automated analysis based on machine learning technology, and creates a report summarizing the relevant information the user is looking for.  It is also possible to rapidly process media content contained within forensic image files or folders, immediately identifying objects of interest, saving time, money, and manpower.

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Biometrical Identification and Verification methods are becoming increasingly more popular and accessible as a security layer among other measures, or as a stand-alone system. Today, it is possible to get a confirmed identification with only 3 seconds of speech, face or fingerprints. Through our partnerships, we can offer market-leading capabilities with both the highest accuracy and speed for voice biometrics as well as contactless mobile fingerprint capture for biometric identification and verification purposes.

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