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The world's most scalable Mobile Ad-Hoc Network. Wave Relay® MANET unites the Internet of Battlefield Things (IOBT) in a high throughput, self-forming, and self-healing network. The Wave Relay® ecosystem connects soldiers, sensors, unmanned systems, and cameras in a dynamic network that goes beyond mesh.

The Wave Relay Ecosystem is far more than an advanced mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) solution, and extends further than the standard 'self-forming' and 'self-healing' mesh networks.

The Wave Relay® MANET is continuously learning and adapting to changes in environmental conditions, quickly maximizing your connectivity and the performance of your communications.

Using the proprietary routing algorithm, users can integrate a vast array of meshed devices throughout the network, allowing the meshed devices to become the communications infrastructure.

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Wave Relay MPU5

The MPU5 ties together all your critical data in real time - providing command and control throughout the entire battle space. Providing high speed data, video, voice and an on board Android computer system makes this the most scalable, advanced and efficient Mobile Ad-Hoc Networking radio in the world.

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