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Tactical Radio Integration Kit

The Voyager Tactical Radio Integration Kit (TRIK) allows uninhibited flow of critical information across tactical networks on the battlefield by making disparate voice and data networks interoperable through combinations of hardware and software to form seamless gateways.

The Voyager TRIK incorporates tactical voice nets, streaming video/ISR, Link 16 networks and networked Position Location Information (PLI) data that provides complete situational awareness via a Common Operating Picture (COP); all in a purpose-built form factor. Tailorable to support specific CONOP scenarios, all variants are ruggedized and air droppable to meet any mission profile​


Tactical Data Center

The Voyager Tactical Data Center (Voyager TDC) is the first and only solution in the market to deploy a rugged, enterprise-grade compute and data storage network in the size of an airline carry-on rollaway case.

Voyager TDC transforms data center operations at the extreme network edge by replacing loads of equipment with a single case that is easy to deploy; simplifies logistics, transportation and operations; and ultimately lowers cost of ownership for customers.

Users no longer have to rely on bandwidth-constrained SATCOM links to reach back into a data center for processing large amounts of data collected in the field. Voyager TDC stores, analyzes, disseminates and replicates high volumes of data locally for more timely intelligence and faster decision making during an operation.

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