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Cistech Solutions


CISTECH is Australia's premier Radio over IP and Network Services integrator. Key to our success is the strength in partnerships and trust that comes from years of experience in both commercial and government sectors.


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Persistent Systems


Persistent Systems develops the world's most scalable Mobile-Ad-Hoc Network. Persistent’s WAVE RELAY® MANET unites the internet of battlefield things (IOBT) in a high throughput, self-forming, and self-healing network. The WAVE RELAY® Ecosystem connects soldiers, sensors, unmanned systems, and cameras in a dynamic radio network that goes beyond mesh.



ShadowDragon™ provides open source intelligence software and unique datasets to allow analysts the freedom to focus on the investigation, not the time-consuming tasks of managing data. Developed by seasoned cyber investigators, ShadowDragon’s products strengthen the capabilities of in-house teams by enabling  easy and safe collection, correlation, and verification of diverse artifacts on the open, deep, and dark web.



DarkOwl is the industry’s leading provider of darknet data, offering the largest commercially available database of darknet content in the world. DarkOwl’s industry leading darknet product suite allows users to create automated monitors to continually monitor for threats and risks related to activities and data in the darknet.




Fivecast helps organizations around the world explore masses of data to uncover actionable insights critical to progressing intelligence missions and protecting global communities. Used and trusted by leading defense, national security, law enforcement, corporate security and financial intelligence organizations around the world, Fivecast deploys unique data collection and AI-enabled analytics to solve the most complex intelligence challenges.



Cyabra is an AI-driven platform that detects disinformation to protect the public, government agencies and corporate brands from malicious fake accounts and social media campaigns. Developed by information warfare and cybersecurity experts, Cyabra's patented technology uses machine learning to detect disinformation, such as fake social media accounts, avatars, and bots. Cyabra breaks down the billions of conversations taking place across social media to detect authenticity, connect the dots and measures impact.



Paliscope offers a multi-source intelligence, analysis and case management solution comprising of a central software application for building structured investigations, and an AI-driven indexing and search engine for locally stored data. Paliscope’s software runs on PC or laprop, makig it an ideal solution for in-field and offline data analysis from multiple sources.
T3K.AI is a global leader in AI solutions for law enforcement and private enterprise. We harness the power of AI to find and classify illegal and harmful content. T3K’s LEAP platform is an automated tool for quick analysis of data obtained from mobiles and other sources. It provides automated media classification to detect certain illicit content. LEAP can analyse communication patterns, verify identities, countries of origin & quickly screen persons of interest.

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