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Spektrum supplies skilled business consultants, project managers and engineers to our client’s projects and operations on an hourly rate, contract basis or on a fixed recruiting fee.
Project Staffing and Skilled Personnel

We supply skilled business consultants, project managers and engineers for complex infrastructure and systems projects and operations.


Our service is designed to create crucial advantages for our customers. Through profound industry knowledge, we link our customer’s strategies to the right expertise ensuring the best design and implementation of the right solution.


For complex projects, the process from project initiation to project closure is very similar. Therefore, we can use our knowledge, and sometime our resources, across a number of different types of projects.


Spektrum can assist from the initial bid phase and project strategy formulation through the execution of the project, to the final O&M setup. For the whole process, we can act as your external partner, who has an alternate view on the plans and the project.



Hosting of Technical Support Staff

Spektrum, with its presences in Dubai, UAE and Singapore is able to host technical support staff for technology suppliers wishing to post personnel closer to their clients. Our staff hosting proposition enables our partners to be closer to the markets they are active in without the need to set up an own legal entity, saving costs and providing greater flexibility.





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