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There is no "one-size-fits-all" cyber defence solution. Every organization faces a different set of threats in its individual setup and environment. We tailor the right solution for you.

Threat Asessment,
Risk Analysis and Penetration Testing

The most important steps in approaching Cyber Security is to understand, what:

  • is to be protected

  • are the threats and

  • is the risk associated with these threats


This is a process that is performed largely by the customer but the facilitation of the process by an experienced cyber security consultant is invaluable.


t is very beneficial to those assets that should be protected, tested to understand the current status of your protection against a range of threats. Often, this step will be needed to gain a more complete understanding of the threats posed to your assets.

Solution Design

We have the experience, the partners and the capabilities to design and implement Cyber Security solutions from start to finish. You may wish to focus your resources on the operations and ongoing development of your eventual solution.


In these cases, we offer to design and implement your entire solution in co-operation with all stakeholders. Alternatively we can work with your nominated vendors and integration teams to perform designated parts of your solution.


Our team comes from diverse technical backgrounds and has extensive knowledge in all types of communication networks, monitoring, security, IP, system integration and software development.

Software Development

It may be that the system, component or tool that you require to meet your requirements is not available to you. Or perhaps you almost have a complete solution that lacks one or two components.


Whatever the scope of your requirement, we offer our experienced development services to develop and deliver your bespoke software development and hardware integration capabilities to meet your needs.


Whether you are looking to develop a gap product or solution to build a missing link in your environment, need a solution to a specific problem or a customized GUI to obtain a single,integrated view across different platforms and systems, we are the right partner for you.

Syestem Integration

Many vendor’s systems and components are built as Island Solutions. Often you may need to integrate these systems and components to achieve your end-to-end objective. This is especially important in Cyber Defence where that can be so many different components and systems involved.


Our integration teams and partners have broad multi-vendor, multinational integration experience using the latest technologies, frameworks and platforms. We offer this capability and experience to meet your solution integration requirements. In addition we have broad experience in interfacing and interacting with your nominated vendors to ensure high-quality, carrier-grade deployments.

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