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Telecommunication infrastructure. Enabled.


Telecommunication infrastructure and service providers face decreasing revenues while the demand for more bandwidth is ever growing. Billions of people are connected to the world wide web and millions more get connected every day. The pressure on infrastructure providers to reduce CAPEX abd OPEX is increasing. To stay competitive, infrastructure providers need to grow bandwidth and connectivity at manageable cost. Spektrum is working with some of the most innovative infrastructure solution providers to help infastructure providers get ready for the future.

Cable ducts for fibre optics and microcable networks


Building infrastructure to provide ever higher bandwidth is a major CAPEX driver for Telecom companies. Spektrum, together with our partner Afripipes, provides a range of state-of-the art cable ducts for fibre optics and multi duct projects such as FTTx. A new factory employing the latest production technology allows us to produce cable ducts to highest quality standards at very competitive prices. We are also able to customize to local requirements. In addition, we provide a full range of accessories such as connectors, end-plus, anti-rodent coating and manholes. We provide our customers a total Fibre Optics Ducting solution.


Our current product range includes:


  • AfriDuct™ – HDPE underground ducting system for cable management complying to SANS 61386-24 and EN50086-2-4

  • AfriSil – HDPE fibre optic ducting with inner silicone layer to reduce coefficient of friction

  • AfriRib – HDPE fibre optic ducting with inner ribbed layer to reduce coefficient of friction

  • AfriMicroduct – HDPE MicroDucts available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm

  • AfriMultiDucts - HDPE 2-way, 4-way and 7-way fibre optic ducts



  • Lower infrastructure building cost: Competitive prices

  • Turnkey offering: We are able to pre-integrate cables into the ducts and deliver a full range of accessories

  • Future: proof: Multiducts make it easy and cost-effective to add capacity when and where it is needed, without having to lay new ducts (drastic decrease in civil works cost)

  • Fast delivery and deployment: Afripipes production capacity is flexible and large volumes can be delivered within a short timeframe




Long-distance telecommunication cable turnkey projects


Light Fibre Infrastructure specialises in long-haul telecommunications and utility infrastructure. We are able to provide our customers with turnkey solutions, from the initial conceptualisation of a network, through to the planning, budgeting, design, construction and final commissioning phases. Light Fibre has acquired its own equipment, which ensures that we are not reliant on sub-contractors, and are therefore “masters of our own destiny”. We own two horizontal directional drills with one having rock drilling capabilities, a Komatsu bulldozer, TLB’s, specialist rock cutting equipment and two spider ploughs. The spider plough method of cable installation is innovative, cost effective, environmentally friendly and has the ability to lay infrastructure at speeds of up to 8km per day. The installation operates seamlessly in most conditions including clay, sand, swamp, gravel, mud, and water. In addition, it protects pipes and cables and can lay flexible pipes up to 280mm OD (gas, water, and sewer).


With specifically designed insertion techniques, and rapid mobilisation, the plough can lay up to 10 cables or pipes simultaneously at a maximum depth of 2 meters, working within narrow corridors of 3 meters. As part of a turnkey solution, Light Fibre delivers network build services to national service providers and end user customers. This includes the full range of fibre optic services being installation, splicing, terminating and testing. Our comprehensive package and unparalleled offering provides support, maintenance, commissioning, integration services, electrical, radio network design and implementation.



  • Fast Rollout: Lightfibre is able to lay cables at a speed of up to eight kilometers per day.

  • Cost Reduction:: Due to the much decreased time it takes to lay a cable, civil works cost will decrease substantially

  • Quality: The technology makes it possible to plough and lay cables in one work process, delivering consitent quality and minimizing the possibility of fault rates due to material damage.




Hybrid Energy Solutions for off-grid cell sites:

Hybrid Energy Solutions are designed as efficient energy suorce for off-grid telecommunication cell tower sites. Depending on the load of a site and its specific location, the hybrid energy station can comprise various power generating components including efficient gensets, solar arrays and wind turbines. Depending on the actual site and weather conditions one or another of these components will act as a primary power source at a given time. However, the objective is to reduce fuel consumption of the gnerator set which to-date has been deployed as main power source for off-grid sites.


While the return on invstment for hybrid energy solutions can take several years, rising fuel prices will shorten these ROI times. Hybrid energy solutions also contribue to the reduction of CO2 emmissions.


Spektrum is working with a leading manufacturer of hybrid energy stations. The stations are modular and  use some of the best components available in the market today.






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